If during the run up to the next Guernsey election in 2016 I receive any manifestos asking me to vote for change then they, along with their associated candidates, will go straight in the bin – and it won’t be a recycling one either.

“Change” and “improvement” are different words, with different meanings.

How often is change the solution, and how often is it the goal?

We all know how politics works: problem-reaction-solution. You create a problem or at least persuade people that there is one, they react by opening up to change, and then you come up with the solution (change) which you want.

Whilst I share the concerns of many about the number of Freemasons who have assumed highly influential positions in society, at least we’ve all heard of them and know that theirs is a secretive organisation. Possibly the biggest disservice that Freemasonry has done to Britain in recent times is that it has deflected a lot of flak from Common Purpose, a most tainted and subversive charity which employs the problem-reaction-solution subversion to near perfection. As a result Common Purpose “graduates” as they call themselves, have infiltrated the infrastructure of British society, including the Police, Government, the judiciary, health and education and are creating a parallel non-democratic system of Government. Common Purpose has also morphed and formed or infiltrated other organisations.

The title of founder Julia Middleton’s book is “Beyond Authority”

For more on this charity, please google “Brian Gerrish Common Purpose Exposed”. One of the tools of Common Purpose’s trade is neuro linguistic programming – careful choice of words and phrases.

“Graduates” is an example. “Change agents” is really what they are..

So what then are we to make of the appointment of Dr Carol Tozer who was brought in from the UK as Chief officer of  Guernsey’s Government’s health department from the UK in 2014?

Dr Tozer has certainly been bombarding the Guernsey public media and politicians with the case for radical changes and seems set to challenge current Guernsey Police Chief Patrick Rice (who has refused to disclose whether he is a Common Purpose graduate or not and seems to be being protected even by the UK’s Freedom of Information authorities) for the title of “imported individual who has most change the face of Guernsey” before too long.

Professional sport – football being the most obvious example – lost the plot the moment it started allowing its players to earn infinitely more than their bosses. It is only natural surely for a player to think he knows better than his manager if he’s being paid twenty times as much. And now they have a plethora of foreign players with no affinity for the local area or national long term well being of the sport. It’s no surprise that discipline falls apart and the media has a frenzy and these guys become celebrities. Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger may not be the best of buddies but even they agree that football these days is too much about the individual and not the team.

Politics seems to be going down the same road; civil servants – not always local- are paid more than the politicians who are supposed to be their bosses.

Happily Dr Tozer was somewhat more forthcoming than the Police Chief was when approached about her involvement with Common Purpose, saying that she had attended a couple of their seminars in the past but was not one of their graduates. Unhappily however, this does not seem to have stopped her from employing the Common Purpose m.o. of engineering change.

This article relating to the NHS was written in 2013: and explains how Common Purpose have infiltrated the health system.

The attachment starts by talking about the events in Mid Staffordshire. The Francis report was used to make a case for change -209 of them in fact.

In 2014 Dr Tozer’s first act of any note was to commission the NMC to produce a report into midwifery in Guernsey. She of course already knew what sort of solutions the NMC were likely to recommend following their work in the UK. Jackie Smith and the NMC were involved, in conjunction with Common Purpose, in producing this, in which the NMC’s Mark Addison signs Common Purpose’s statement:

As a result of the Tozer commissioned report in Guernsey the political board of the Health and Social Services Department resigned. Outgoing political board member Barry Brehaut gave an interview to the TV in which he clearly indicated that he thought change was the goal rather than the solution.

The outgoing board set it felt let down in particular by the Local Supervisory Authority, whose job it was to alert the politicians to the sort of problems described in the NMC’s report. Who are the Local Supervisory Authority? The NHS England. That’ll be Common Purpose, then…

So Carol Tozer arrived and an infant baby death due to midwifery buffoonery was promptly discovered and investigated (no details released to the public of course). Two reports were generated, the political board resigned and was replaced by possibly the five most “agenda serving” deputies in the States. Articles in the local paper have carried headlines like “the need for wholesale change is accepted”. (Shades of the Millie Dowler/Leveson, tactic of tugging at the heart strings to justify regulatory change perhaps?)

We were told by the NMC’s Jackie Smith that the “Guernsey way” isn’t fit for purpose. That of course is what subversion of democracy is all about – finding local authorities and regulators to be lacking and persuading the locals to accept centralised regulators and edicts from outside of their electoral region and increasingly, country. (Just wait until the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is signed)

Then on 31st January 2015 Dr Tozer and the Guernsey Press combined to produce this:

It’s not in the online version but Dr Tozer was quoted as saying that this particular vision had arisen after they had spoken with independent care organisations. After four months of blood out of a stone email correspondence trying to find out who these were, it became fairly evident that HSSD has no clear picture of idea who actually funds the body they were consulting with.

Then GcMaf was suddenly banned.

Then on 14th April we had  Dr Tozer’s most chilling rhetoric yet, in the form of her reaction to the news which broke that day.

She instantly called for “Corporate Parenting” following the release of some details of a report that she herself had commissioned from Ruby Parry

Dr Tozer must have known what RP was likely to say because the latter had written reports before (eg Nottingham – a Common Purpose hotbed in 2013). And wouldn’t you just know it, Ms Parry was quoted in the 14th May Guernsey Press, just after the report had been officially published,  as describing Dr Tozer as a “glimmer of hope”. Nothing like creeping to the hand that pays you I guess. And let’s not forget that neither of these two individuals has any connection with Guernsey .

On 15th May 2015 Former HSSD politician Elis Bebb exposed errors in the report.

“Corporate Parenting” is a phrase only unleashed a few years ago and now it seems to be the prescription recommended by every authority in the UK. It has its own website (!) and defines itself as “the formal partnership needed between all local authority departments, services and associated agencies responsible for meeting the needs of looked after children and young people”

Back to linguistic programming again. “Corporate Parenting” is Carol Tozer’s term. “Child stealing by the State” is used by many others.

Ruby Parry’s report recommended doubling the number of social workers in child care. Are HSSD in reality gearing up for the future?

From the Guernsey Press of 16thApril: “HSSD has begun to work with local experts outside the States”

In the same issue there was plenty of coverage afforded to Carol Tozer and her comments making the case for change and a tiny footnote effectively saying “incidentally the Minister and Deputy Minister were there at the interview too” (my words).

Also on the subject of the unelected running the show, this from Robert Care, (“Rob Care” would seem an appropriate name for the leader of a bunch of child stealers and NHS infiltrators) the chairman of Common Purpose: “There is no doubt that the people who constitute Common Purpose- the Alumni – can fulfil the purpose of providing leadership in our communities whether modest or at the highest level. When we do, the world will become a better place”

I have news for Robert Care. We all think the world would be a better place if we were running it. Why don’t he and all of his Common Purpose alumni run for election in a proper democracy?

One of Dr Tozer’s quotes is “I am aware of my responsibility. I am the Chief officer. The buck stops with me”. If that isn’t an “I’m in charge of the politicians” message I don’t know what is. Surely if Chief Officers are ultimately in charge, there is no need to change the politicians….
It’s all very well Guernsey celebrating the anniversary of liberation and liberty itself, but how is that consistent with ceding independence to international legislation and guidelines and giving authority to  the regulations and diktat of the likes of the MHRA Carol Tozer and Patrick Rice? How can you have liberty without independence?

If I were a dead soldier I might appreciate the praise for my sacrifice but I’d like to see it backed up by some sort of defence of the liberties I fought for.

There are far too many members of the Guernsey establishment who seem eager to look for opportunities to run up the white flag. This is either being done blatantly by sending for change agents like, it would seem, Carol Tozer and Police Chief Patrick Rice, or by showing themselves to be openly inept – from the Guernsey Financial Services’ Commission refusing to explain what it fined the Channel Islands Stock Exchange for, and its even more ludicrous silence over whatever went on in the Lee Nolan Castle Holdings case, to the Guernsey Football Association’s “regulation” of the Veterans League.

The malaise has set in and this is exactly what the change agents aim for: “local authorities and regulators are not fit for purpose and therefore for we need global society centralization and global experts to save us”. And don’t even get me started on CrowdLaw.

We should know only too well in this island how international regulations and trade agreements wreck our economy –look at the tomato industry in the 1980s and what is currently happening to the finance sector which we allowed to grow far too big; a classic case of all eggs in one basket – and a basket we couldn’t control.

“We’re too small, too hopeless; send for foreign experts to tell us what to do. Please come to save us, international community” seems to be the message from Guernsey 2015.

I don’t remember electing anyone to do that.


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